A Twitter account providing analytics for fans of Davidson's sports teams.

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DavidsonDecoded is a project I developed to provide data-driven insights and analysis to fans of Davidson College's athletics teams.

In February 2021, a friend of mine pointed out a lack of Twitter accounts covering Davidson's athletics teams through an analytical lens. Inspired by @SBUnfurled and other similar accounts, I set out to add some data analysis to fans of Davidson Men's Basketball. Since then, I've worked on providing insights about Davidson Volleyball as well.

What I've Learned

Researching and doing data analysis allowed me to learn a lot about advanced basketball analytics. I have also learned quite a bit about predictive modeling, and have developed models to predict the outcomes of both tournaments and seasons. Data visualization and communication has also been an important component, and I believe my visualizations have become easier to understand over time.


Technologies Used

  • Python, including Jupyter Notebooks
  • Excel
  • Tableau Public
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop


The Twitter has gained a following consisting of Davidson (and general college sports) fans, coaches, and players.