A site for users to learn about data privacy on social media.

Hound was my final project for DIG245: Critical Web Design at Davidson College.


hound logo

For the final project for the course, we were able to design a site that responded to a theme of the course of our choosing. I decided to take on the topic of data privacy and "filter bubbles". There are no users, and no real "posts" on the application: just the same ~700 photos of five breeds of dogs. Using a pretty basic algorithm, the breeds the user "likes" begin to appear more and more often over time. After a minute, a pop up appears, showing the user exact statistics on both what breeds of dogs they liked, and how the algorithm was tailoring their experience.

What I've Learned

I wanted to challenge myself to learn Next.js with this application, and was able to do so successfully. This was also the first time I implemented an infinite scroll, designed to mimic that of popular social media companies. I integrated what I learned about design from the course into the application, and believe I was able to create an experience that adequately responded to the data privacy and filter bubbles themes of the course.

Technologies Used

  • Next.js/React