Impact Award Rating System for FRC Teams

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IMPOWER is a project I started in high school with the goal of predicting winners of the Impact (formerly Chairman's) Award at FRC events.

Work began on IMPOWER in 2018, when I was a junior in high school. I was inspired by similar efforts from other members of the FRC community, and wanted to create my own version. Initial versions were all completed in spreadsheets, and data had to be collected by hand (I had no idea how to code at the time). The advent of COVID paired with my graduation from high school/FRC eventually halted efforts for a few years.

Recently, I have started working on the project again, this time with much better tools. I have created a web application that is able to collect data from The Blue Alliance, processes it using an advanced rating system, and displays the results in a user-friendly way. The application is currently able to predict winners of the Impact Award within the top 5 teams over 70% of the time.

What I've learned

  • Additional experience with Next.js 13, React, and MongoDB

Technologies Used

  • Next.js/React
  • MongoDB
  • Python